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Aurora guy looking for similar minded girl

However, as a sequel to Terms of Endearment, the movie is mostly middling. The plot line starts off about fifteen to sixteen years after Terms ended. The grandchildren are now all grown, and each has their own problems. Aurora remains the queen bee, but feels like she is losing her family, as her grandchildren resent her interfering and blame her for their current state.

Added to the mix is Patsy, Emma's rich best friend and Aurora's nemesis who feels like she could have done a better job raising Melanie. Also along for the ride is Rosie, Aurora's long term maid and companion. The movie mknded follows Aurora as she attempts to deal with life, by dating various fpr and trying to put her grandchildren on the lookign path.

Aurora guy looking for similar minded girl

There are a of problems with this movie. The first being the complete lack of Flap Horton, the children's father. Here, he has no role in his children's lives, and he is only briefly mentioned as living in New Mexico. The second issue is the character of Melanie.

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She is essentially a stand in for Emma in this movie, but the dynamic between her and Aurora is underdeveloped and tirl not work very well. The other two grandchildren, Tommy and Teddy, are even more underdeveloped.

Aurora guy looking for similar minded girl

The fourth mindsd is the virtual cavalcade of death this movie becomes in its second half where three main characters die! Both actresses have a good chemistry and play well off each other. You fof feel the way each resents the other, but it is also understood that at the end jade cambridge escort the day, there is a grudging respect. So overall, not a bad movie, but don't watch it expecting another Terms.

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Aurora guy looking for similar minded girl

Enjoyable movie Marie 26 November When I munded "Terms of Endearment", it was my understanding before the movie that I would cry my eyes out for days. Well, I didn't.


I cried for 6 or 7 minutes. Let me just say that I cried for a lot longer in this movie. For a sequel, it's excellent. It's almost like a story in a story.

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In Aurora's later years, when her grandchildren are grown up and she even has a great-grand son who enjoys singing "For she's a jolly good butt whole which nobody can deny" to Aurora's great annoyance Aurora is still looking for the love of her life. The romantic scenes between these two are unmissable. But here's where the problems strike the movie. In the first escorts in ogden utah, Aurora was a little bit more Here, she's a little more floozy-ish.

Aurora changes from "Terms of Endearment" to this movie.

Aurora guy looking for similar minded girl

This is still an excellent movie, with an extrememly heart-felt, and sad ending. I loved it! For those who liked "Terms", you'll love "The Evening Star.

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A very longueuil mistress two thumbs-up! Because of that, Melanie's age was accurate. Second of all, I saw The Evening Star before I even saw Terms of Endearment because I'm only 14 years old and was not alive yet to have seen it in the theatres and at the time Evening Star came out, had not even heard of Terms.

In response to another user comment, such "hokey" lines like Teddy's to Melanie, "I remember hugs, lots of hugs, mom was big vuy hugs", are not "hokey" at all!

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Lines like those really stir up the past accurately. He is describing his mother basically, and the character of Emma foe a very warm, loving person who cared for her kids more surora anyone else in the world. Not hokey - Touching. Anyone who would think that is "hokey" probably thinks that the Jerry Springer show is a touching, mommy sex personals family kind of program.

Overall, the movie was one of the best I've ever seen and equally matches Terms of Endearment.

Aurora guy looking for similar minded girl

One of the best sequels of our time! Shirley MacLaine played Aurora beautifully as she did the first time around, Marion Ross did a fabulous job as Rosie and really brought her character to life.

Remember, in Terms of Endearment, Rosie had only a few lines. She was played by another woman and was in no way a main character.

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Marion Ross had to create that character all on her own and did a fabulous job. I think they all did a fantastic job. Jack Nicholson was a small part in the movie, yes, but the beach scene is what really brings it all to life. I love that movie just as much now as I did the first time I saw it. The oscar-baiting sequel that wasn't meant to happen mystic80 29 January Synopsis: The continuing adventures of Aurora Greenway and her tumultous family life, are further explored in this sequel to the classic.

With her three grandchildren fully grown, they all have their own personal problems to face alongside Aurora. The Review: Just not meant to happen. Contrived is what comes to mind when viewing this sequel 24 7 escorts warrnambool Bill Paxton, Scott Wolf, and Jack Nicholson among the famous actors making walk on appearances. Overlong and underwritten, the film misses the interest of the original, not to mention any inkling of James L.

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Brooks' involvement. There's no Danny DeVito, and no Jeff Daniels which is very odd considering he was the father of the three but is omitted from the film. Nowhere near as good as the first. Grade: C.

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