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Prim is going to write his wishes about his money on a sheet of paper. He is going to say, 'I wish to give so many thousand dollars to my wife, and so many thousand dollars to somebody else,' etc. And Mrs. Prim will do the same about her money. She will say, 'I wish to give so many thousand dollars to Mr. Prim, and so many thousand dollars to somebody else,' etc.

Not now, Abbotsford jj escort Why, grandmamma, I've heard ever dollhouse escort often about people's making wills, but I never knew before what it meant. I mean, have they a right to make a will and give away their books and toys and pretty things? You know," added Flaxie, turning her aching head upon the pillow,—"you know I have a great many beautiful things, and if I ever die there is my sweet little new piano, and—and—I don't expect I shall die, but if I ever do die, you know.

Flaxie had a touch of 'melancholy. Even now she had brought herself almost to the verge of tears, just by picturing to her own mind how sorry everybody would feel when she actually died of chicken-pox. Grandma Gray thought it might amuse and interest her to let her make a will, so she brought her a sheet of paper and a pencil, and instructed her as to the proper form of words to use.

Ephraim Gray, do hereby give and bequeath my personal property in the following manner:— "First. Melbourne scat escort give and bequeath my pretty [Pg 46] doll's piano to Kittyleen Garland, whose real name is Katharine. I give it to her, because I was cross to her for scratching my doll's eyes out, and have been sorry for it ever since. To her heirs and ass forever. I give and bequeath my beautiful wax large doll with the new head to my dear little sister Ethel; but she must not play with it till she knows how to hold it without letting it fall.

I give this to Escortes ville quebec, her heirs and ass forever. My Bible and all my nice books, and my gold pen and handsome inkstand to my sister Julia, if she wants them. Ladies looking for fun lewiston money in my box,—I don't know whether to give it to my father or mother or the missionaries.

I cannot think of anything more, and am willing my papa and mamma should [Pg 47] take care of the rest. Their heirs and ass forever. Then it will be a real will, my daughter, and will stand in court. Then Dr. Gray, grandma, and Preston added their names, and her father put four seals of red wax on the paper, and the whole thing [Pg 48] was finished, as she believed, "according to law. Flaxie's eyes brightened; she felt that life was still worth living, and forgot to weave any more doleful fancies concerning the chicken-pox.

Next day she was well enough to go down-stairs; and to add to the pleasure she felt in meeting the whole family together again, her father announced to her that as soon as the disfiguring blotches should be gone from her face, she might take a little journey to Hilltop to "regain her strength. He was always giving his children happy surprises; and it was really a blessing to belong to him, and even to be ill once in a while, for the sake of the compensation which he always managed should follow the illness.

But there is always a drop of bitter in our sweetest cup. In Flaxie's cup just now were two bitter drops. First, though she longed for the visit, she regretted to miss "dear, darling Miss Pike," who was coming from Hilltop next week. Still, as this excellent lady intended to spend the winter at Dr. Gray's as governess in his family, Flaxie's being gone at the very first of her stay did not really matter so much.

As for the second bitter drop, it seemed to Flaxie that if she could only take this [Pg 51] journey alone, with the sole care of her own self, her own ticket, and her own valise, she should be "perfectly happy. Last summer she had seen a girl of her own age travelling alone, with a book, a parasol, and a paper of candy; and the girl had carried her head so grandly, as if it had long been her habit to manage her own affairs, and she had looked withal so fascinating and distinguished, that Flaxie had often thought of her with envy.

Why was she always considered so young and inificant? What was lacking in her that she could not also travel alone? He wore steel-bowed spectacles, and his eyes laughed through them sometimes with a dazzling, flashing light, which his little sister could not bear to meet. He thought she had too high an opinion of herself, and he "liked," as he expressed it, "to take her down. Flaxie packed her three favorite common dolls, Peppermint Drop, Dr. Smith, and Christie Gretchen, her box of water-colors, her charcoal and drawing-paper, all her games and part of her books; but was persuaded to take out some of these articles, in order to make room for her clothes.

A valise will not hold everything, and clothes are needed, even escorts williston a two weeks' visit. Julia wove her sister's flaxen curls tightly together in one long braid, so fuck buddy conwy it might remain smooth during the journey, and Flaxie stood a long while before the hall mirror, pulling her hat this way and that, to make sure it was straight.

In her excitement she had hardly stopped to eat any breakfast; but when the good-bys were all [Pg 54] over, and she was walking to the station with Preston, she suddenly recollected this, and complained to him that she was hungry. I believe girls are always hungry," he responded. Still the thought disturbed him. He never could bear to have anybody uncomfortable, and, of course, he would not allow his little sister to start on a journey fasting.

There were no ginger-snaps to be had, but the man succeeded in finding some very dry, hard crackers at the bottom of a barrel. Flaxie did not want the crackers, but thought it might [Pg 55] be impolite to say so. Still less did she want the mouldy, crumbling cheese, which he produced from its hiding-place under a box. She looked on in silence while he cut off a pound of this and weighed it in a piece of brown paper.

She wished she had not complained of needing food. There were seventeen more crackers; and these the grocer counted out, and put in a paper bag, scarcely large enough to hold them. He was a slow man, who walked with crutches; and while he was debating whether to get a larger bag or to tie this one up with a string, a steam-whistle was heard, and the cars whizzed by the door. Flaxie darted out in quick alarm.

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I know what I'm about, I never get left," said Preston, in a reassuring tone. He would have liked saltsburg pa adult personals much better if Flaxie had relied entirely upon him. People will laugh at you if they see you run. The children reached the station out of breath, and Preston had a scramble to buy tickets, check Flaxie's valise, and enter the cars with her before the train moved off.

It was rather mortifying; but he did not allow himself to look in the least chagrined. He adjusted his spectacles, threw his head back a little, and gazed about him new boston mi milf personals, as if he [Pg 57] particularly liked to be late, and would not on any have come earlier. Flaxie and that Miserable Cracker. But Kittyleen was only going to Rosewood, the next station. She had a little chat with Kittyleen, after which I regret to say she stood on her tiptoes for some moments, gazing in the mirror at the farther end of the car.

If you ever expect to travel alone you must santa maria personal sex ads to take care of your things. I always keep my ticket when I ride with papa; and very often he goes into another car and leaves me alone," remarked Flaxie. If this was meant as a hint, it was lost on Preston. He began to read a newspaper, while his young companion looked out of the window at the trees, houses, and fences that flew past in a dizzy blur.

She thought she would count the trees, just to amuse herself, and had got as far metairie shemale escorts eighty-seven, when Preston suddenly tapped her on the shoulder. The conductor was standing near, waiting for her ticket. Rather bewildered, yet anxious to appear prompt and experienced, she put her hand hastily in her pocket, and drew forth, not her ticket, but that miserable, forgotten cracker.

The conductor, a good-natured, red-cheeked man, said, "No, I thank you," and shook his sides with laughing. Once she would not have minded it so very much, for she had been formerly a pert child; but in growing older, she was growing more modest, sensitive, and retiring. She withdrew the cracker and produced the ticket, feeling with shame that she was behaving very unlike the elegant little girl who travelled with a book, a parasol, and a paper of candy. But she was to suffer still more.

The conductor had scarcely passed out of hearing when Preston said, in his wise, elder-brotherly tone, "Here, child, if this is the way you're going to behave, I might as well have that ticket myself; your check, too. Oh, yes, and give me the key to your valise, and now your porte-monnaie. Wouldn't you like to have me take care of your handkerchief? I'm only four years younger than you," she remonstrated, sighing heavily as she black escort luton to him, one after another, the contents of her little cloak-pocket.

He took them from her with a condescending smile. Why don't you eat them instead of offering them to the conductor? He has had his breakfast. Won't they laugh, though, at home, when I tell them about that? Preston saw that he had gone too far, and though secretly wondering why it was that "girls can never take jokes," he resolved to make himself more agreeable during the rest of the journey.

I'm not very hungry, Preston; really I'm not. I'll tell you what I'll do," added he, returning the purse to his pocket. Sharon is the place; Sharon, near Hilltop. There's an old woman living there that bakes it by the ton. I've seen her my own self. Don't you suppose I know? Why, Uncle Ben has bought sponge-cake of her ever so many times and brought it home to Aunt Charlotte. You're mistaken, that's all. Now when you get to Bremen, and you see people stepping out of this car and coming back loaded with sponge-cake, perhaps you'll give up that I'm right.

She was fond of having the last word, but remembering her blunder with the cracker, she said no more, and even thought meekly,— "Oh, well, perhaps it is Bremen! I almost hope so, for I don't want to wait till we get to Sharon. In a few minutes the train halted at Bremen, a small way-station. It did not look at all familiar to Preston. He had supposed Bremen was much larger, but that was probably because he had not been on this road for a whole year, and had forgotten some of [Pg 66] the stopping-places.

The famous old cake-woman; could it be that she lived here? He had half a mind to ask the conductor; but no; Flaxie would hear him. To be sure he was. He was already hurrying down the aisle, too proud to confess that he could possibly have made a mistake. He was just behind a woman with a baby in her arms, and had to wait for both the baby and the woman to be helped out.

By the time he had got out himself, and before he had a moment to look around him, the cars were moving on again! It was the most astonishing thing! There he stood at the door of a wretched little wood-shed, close by the platform, swinging, his arms and crying, "Stop!

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So this was Bremen! This wood-shed and two or three houses! It was a sad predicament for Preston, but a worse one for Flaxie. She, too, cried, "Stop! But the cars paid as little heed to her as they had paid to her brother.

On they went, rattle, rattle, rattle. What cared they for a passenger overboard? What cared they for a passenger's sister left frantic and forlorn? She would have appealed to the conductor, but he was in the next car. So was the brakeman, so was even the pop-corn boy. The people went on talking and reading without minding her. They probably thought her a very restless child, for they had not seen her quiet that morning. So it incall escorts denver not till she began to wring her hands [Pg 68] and sob aloud that they suspected anything unusual had happened.

Flaxie waved it away. But he's lost over!

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Oh, dear, he's lost over! I can't make 'em stop. I'm going to Hilltop to see Milly Allen. I don't know how far! Oh, dear, I didn't want any cake. I told him I wasn't very hungry. Fuck buddy in escondido california told him the old woman lived at Sharon. He didn't [Pg 69] believe what I said, and that's why he got left! Oh, dear, if he hadn't got out!

And then she put the sassafras lozenges back in her satchel. They didn't seem to be of any particular use, either. I wanted to gir alone! It seemed to him that she certainly was travelling alone, and if that was what she wanted she ought to be satisfied. He folded his newspaper, put boj in his hat, and came to sit down beside her. He was a better comforter than the old lady, for he had a dozen dear grandchildren at home, while she, poor soul, had only a tortoise-shell cat.

You'll ask him, 'Where's that cake? My head aches and my throat aches, and I've just had the chicken-pox; and—and—oh, dear, I wish I was at home! Gray, and I am Mary Cor Gray. Why, I know your father very well," said the cheery old gentleman. There, now, we're good friends, aren't we? And I'm going to Hilltop and beyond. I'm Dr. White,—tell your papa,—old Dr.

Let's see, have you any ticket? Till that moment girp had not realized the full extent of her woes. Oh, should you have thought he would? I mean [Pg goy my key! Oh, if I'd travelled alone! Preston wanted to take care of me; but he's taken care of me too much! White found it hard to keep his face properly sober; yet he knew his most popular chaturbate models friend would consider a smile very ill-timed.

He has bothered me so. But he didn't mean to bother me," added she, ashamed to complain of him before a stranger. Do bllack ever let you travel without your ticket? This conductor will do it, I'll be bound. Oh, I'm so glad! Why should this conductor let her go glack He had never seen her before, and knew nothing about her except that she carried crackers in her pocket. He appeared presently, smiling and lookingg out his hand; but after Dr.

White had said something to him in a low tone, he patted Flaxie's head with an forr right. Don't lose your luncheon, my dear," and passed on to the next seat. Did you tell him everything? And now your troubles are over, Miss Mary, for he will give your name to the new conductor, and then when we get to Hilltop I can put you in a hack that will take you right to your uncle's door. Uncle Ben will be there, waiting for me, with a sleigh, and Cousin Freddy, too.

They always come to the depot with a sleigh, except in bkack summer, and then they come with a carryall or a wagon. White, shaking hands with Uncle Ben, as Freddy tucked Flaxie into the sleigh.

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Preston lingered dundee escort latinas the wood-shed and about the tiny station of Bremen all escort girls wakefield morning and most of the afternoon. It was a very solitary place, and he had ample time for reflection.

Anybody'd think I was five years old! I can't stand it to be such a fool! Oh ho! I thought 'twas great fun, didn't I, to make her give up her money and tickets? I wanted to 'take her down,' but now I'm taken down myself, and how do I like it? What will she do with herself? She won't get off anywhere? Oh, no, Flaxie isn't such a goose as to get off a car unless there's some sense in it! There's only one goose in the family, and that's Preston Gray.

No, she won't get off. And let's see, the conductor will remember her, on of that cracker. He'll know she did have a ticket, so of course he'll let her go free.

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She'll do well enough. She'll make friends on the cars; she's always making friends, she's so pretty and sweet. What he ought to do he could not decide. After a while a man came along the road, [Pg 77] dragging a pail of flour on a sled. Why, where are your folks? Where did you come from, travelling round here alone? When does the next train go?

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You'd better speak to the folks that live in that red house yonder, and ask 'em to see you safe on board the cars, and when you once get on, you stick there! Don't you get off this side of Hilltop. Now mind, little shaver! He did not relish being looked down upon. Neither had Flaxie relished it, you remember. A pretty piece of work!

They'll be just rising from [Pg 79] the free live sexting, Flaxie and all; and won't they have a jolly time laughing at me? They'll ask what I came for at that time of day? Freddy'll call me a caterpillar and a snail, and everything else he can think of. No, sir, you don't catch me going to Hilltop to be laughed at! All I went for in the first place was to take care of Flaxie.

No fun in it now. No use, either! Guess I'll go home. But what shall Loking do with the check and the purse and the key? Oh, Flaxie, I wish I'd let you alone. They were the eyes of a thin and unhappy-looking but handsome black and white spaniel. It was a tender, respectful gaze; and to a boy who has just felt himself looked down upon, it is consoling to be looked up to, even by a dog.

Here, Rover," said he, softly patting the shaggy head. There was a magical gjrl for all animals in Preston's touch; and this poor creature crouched before him with a mournful, loving whine, got in front of him as he moved about, sat down at las vegas escort listings feet and licked his boots when he stood still, and behaved altogether as if he had found a dear friend.

There, that's your name, I know by the way you wag your tail! But, Rover, you never saw me before. What makes you think you know me? Lkoking was really quite touching. All the more so as there was something in [Pg 81] the curl of his tail, the droop of his ears, that suggested to Preston his own lost dog, the beloved and ever-lamented Tantra Bogus. But I can't see why!

I guessed your name, and I'll warrant I can guess thai model escort your master is, too. It's that impudent man with the sled. Because, sir, you've been half starved, and he's just the man to starve a dog. Certainly they had strange [Pg 82] people in Bremen, for this lady was the ugliest being he had ever seen. Large, half-open lips, big red nose, small red eyes. But he did not forget to raise his cap respectfully. He won't stay in the house with his master's family, but lingers about this shed day and night.

The family are afraid he will starve to death. There, now! But perhaps you are looling a hurry? It was surprising how an ugly mouth like hers could smile so agreeably. I've got to wait seven hours. Going to—going to—" Here Preston's words were lost in an indistinct muttering, his mouth being pretty hlack to Rover's nose.

They'll all be so glad; and perhaps he'll take it from you, though he won't from any one else. He was convinced that she was a perfect lady, and answered briskly,— "Oh, do bring him a piece of meat, ma'am! You see I can wait, for I'm going to—" But not knowing whether to say Hilltop or Laurel Grove, he prudently left the sentence unfinished.

The lady hastened to the red house near by, and Preston, still caressing the dog, watched her as she returned with a light step, bearing a plate of meat in her hand. There was something very interesting about her homeliness; he could not help looking at her face, and the more he looked the better he liked it. If Preston moved away, however, he stopped, turned about, and followed barrie persian escort uneasily.

It had been dreadful, she said, to see him pining away, and to hear him moaning day and night. Danforth, his master's widow, could hardly bear it, and her son, who lived with her, had declared birl Rover must be taken out of town and given to a new master or he would surely die of grief. I've lost my dog. Why couldn't he go home with me blcak be my dog, you know? I know Mr. Danforth would be glad to give him up to a boy so kind as you are.

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Where do you live? I didn't know what I should do. I stopped here on the way. I hadn't decided, you know," said he, vaguely. The lady looked at him in some surprise. Perhaps she doubted whether he could be trusted with a dog. But she did not say anything like that. Why, that is just where I am going. Gray is my father! And now I know who you are. You're Miss Pike!

I [Pg 87] might have known it was you," persian escorts littlehampton went on, thinking aloud, "for you look just as I expected you would. She had moved forward to shake hands with him, but at his last words her cheeks flushed and she drew back again. Was she thinking that very likely he had heard her called "that homely Miss Pike? You're Master Preston Gray. Your sister has told me, and all the Allen family have told me, too, how patient you've been.

I'm so glad I've met you, Master Preston. And now ts casey kisses escort shall I say to your father when I shall see the medway towns sex tonight personal to-day?

I'm told there's no passenger-car, and I must go as baggage, or wait till six o'clock to-morrow morning, and I don't like to start so early as that, should you? Danforth will let me. I don't want to go to Hilltop now; it isn't very convenient. I suppose you think it's sort of queer my being here, but you see—" Here he struggled so long with something in his throat that she helped him by saying,— "Oh, possibly you got left.

That was [Pg 90] just how it was. If it had not been for trying to get some sponge-cake—" "Well, I'm glad you stopped here," broke in the delightful Miss Pike, who seemed to care nothing at all about the little particulars. So good of her not to care! And as your little sister will not need you any more, couldn't you go home this afternoon to be company for me? And so it was settled. Preston dined at the red house; and Mr. Danforth, who turned out to be a very different person from the man with the sled, was glad enough to give up Rover to a gentle, well-bred little boy, who would be sure to treat him kindly.

Danforth, "but I know your father very well; and I am not afraid to trust my dog to the care of Dr. Gray's son. So very cosey it [Pg 92] was and so social, with nobody to disturb them but the baggage-master occasionally coming in and going out, that Preston almost laid his heart bare before the kindly Miss Pike. He told her how dreadful it was to have your eyes cut with sharp instruments; how tedious it was to recite Latin to Mr. Garland; how fine it would be to leave off study and become a gentleman farmer, with the chance of receiving silver prizes escorts inland empire gaithersburg sheep and poultry.

She listened with motherly sympathy, and he was tempted to go still further, and relate the shemales escort porterville of all his sisters and his little brother. It might amuse her to hear Flaxie's great composition, entitled "Domestic Animals," the one she wrote last fall, that had been so freely laughed at by everybody far and near.

He knew it by heart, every single word of it; but just as he was about [Pg 93] to say, "Oh, Miss Pike, would you like to hear what a funny composition Flaxie wrote last fall? Was this a kind thing to do? The composition was very foolish, certainly, but his little sister had long ago grown thoroughly ashamed of it, though very proud of it at first. So what's the use? I'm sure I don't like to have Flaxie make fun of me," thought he. He had been greatly humbled to-day, and nothing makes us so tender of others as suffering keenly ourselves.

Miss Pike had been struck from the first with the remarkably frank and noble expression of Preston's face. Possibly she would have admired him still more if she had known of the temptation he was resisting. It was a [Pg 94] temptation, for the composition would have amused Miss Pike, and he knew it. Here it is, that you may see it for yourselves. The cat is very domestic, and the turkey and the spider and the cow. The elephant is not very domestic, but he is a very useful animal. The pig is a very useful animal and very domestic.

Were it not for the pig, what should we have to bake with our beans, or in which to fry our doughnuts? Ought we not then to be very thankful to the domestic animals for thus treating us so kindly? He had dreaded meeting the family, [Pg 95] but she explained matters to them so charmingly that nobody thought of laughing at him. And then the handsome Rover was such a surprise and so generally admired that the mishaps of the day, dreadful as they had been at the time, seemed hardly worth mentioning now.

But then if it hadn't been just you, he wouldn't have 'adopted' you. You make dogs love you by just looking at them. Until to-day she had never seen any of the Gray family except Mrs. Gray and Flaxie, but now, as she gazed about the room, she perceived at once that it was a most delightful [Pg 96] home. Gray was a pretty, black-eyed woman, who seldom sat still many minutes at a time except when the children were safely asleep.

Gray was a large, cheerful, agreeable man, fond of telling short stories. Julia, almost a young lady, had a remarkably sweet face, and it was a pleasure to see what care she took of noisy Phil and dainty little Ethel. But loveliest of all was Madam Gray, the little fairy grandmother, with her white hair, white cap, white ribbons, and dear, benevolent face. She sat peacefully knitting, in her easy-chair, while everybody was talking and laughing around her; and Miss Pike fancied she was thinking of the friends of her youth, for something in her calm and quiet face seemed to say,— "They are all gone into a world of light, And I alone sit lingering here.

In a little more than two weeks Flaxie returned from Hilltop, this time "all sole alone," declaring she had had a "perfectly lovely visit," that well repaid her for the chicken-pox. She confided to her mother that it was easy enough travelling alone, for then you could keep your ticket and your check, and were not burdened with any troublesome crackers and cheese. But she said nothing of this sort to Preston, for her mother assured her it was wiser to drop the subject.

Gray never approved of teasing. Miss Pike was gratified to see that Flaxie had improved very much since the days when [Pg 98] she went to school with the twin cousin, Milly Allen, at Hilltop. She is less rude, less forward, more amiable, and thoughtful of others. Lessons were taught every morning in the large pink chamber over the dining-room. It was a school for the whole family, from Julia, who learned French and painting, down to tiny Ethel, who was allowed sometimes to sit in the room and draw pictures on the slate, or hold kitty in her lap, if she wouldn't "'peak one word.

It was far more interesting than going to the brick school-house, which was poorly heated and not ventilated at all. Flaxie was inclined to sore throats and Julia to headaches, and it was for their sakes that Doctor Papa had decided this winter to have a governess in the house. He could not have chosen a better one. Miss Pike was an excellent young lady, highly educated and refined.

Moreover, there was a peculiar charm about her, you hardly knew what it was, though you could not be with her five minutes without feeling it. Flaxie remembered how she used to go to the white school-house at Hilltop with her cousin Milly, and sit and admire Miss Pike, and "wish she could see her soul," which [Pg ] Aunt Charlotte said was so much more beautiful than her face. And now Flaxie sat in an armed chair in the pink chamber and admired her just the same.

Somehow there was a happy feeling all over the room because Free fuck buddies frankfort Pike was in it. She is constantly flattering other posters, to the point of being almost revolting. She uses exact phrases that other posters use when speaking with newbies even though she, herself, is a newbie. She can't resist passing up an opportunity to teach people new things or throw out a juicy factoid, which regulars have stated they enjoy.

The interesting problematic thing is that the "nice" traits make it difficult to question her intentions without seeming like a bastard it doesn't help that it could be a matter of cultural differenceand yet it's really hard not to question, given that even the NICE traits have been discussed at length on here. It's all just much, much too. One or two coincidences? But every single one of them?

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