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Sea-Side Aquarium - branch of New York Aquarium; located west of Cable's - also had balloon ascensions, movel horses West Brighton carousel - ading Iron Tower Observatory Flying Boat Coaster - Feltman's Double Whirl - only 2 mechanical arms pushed cars around a figure eight track on collision course Camera Obscura Observatory - periscope view projected on table Inexhaustible Cow -???

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Roller Coaster - Charles Alcoke build's first oval track but passengers rode sideways Elephant Hotel - feet high building in the shape of an elephant Tivoli - at Feltman's Boyton Bicycle Railroad - ran from Gravesend to Coney Island on a single track; was four feet wide and balanced. Circle Swing - Charles Braaf; built by carousel builder Bungartz- large rotating frame supported eight "airships" each powered by small electric motors run by a steam powered generator.

Unfortunately it was under-powered and ran at a very slow speed.

Ferris Wheel - ft diameter with 12 cars each holding 18 passengers. Owned by George Tilyou at Bowery and W.

Other amusement parks

Transferred to Steeplechase in Shaw Channel Chute - roller coaster; triple ride around the Elephant Hotel; carbins have burned with Elephant Hotel in Ice Tobaggan Coaster - W. However, it had been shaded summer escort a large Ferris Wheel there, but was in the hot sun at Coney where it turned to slush. Camp's Show - Surf Ave.

Coney island model 1895 carbine

Note: may have lasted until Ben Hur Race cone Jackman's Thriller - Bowery modsl of Thompson's Walk Destruction of Messina - show Witching Waves - on Bowery Double Whirl - m ride where passengers in Ferris Wheel baskets suspended on ends of four radial arms 15 feet off the ground. As each of the four small Ferris wheels revolve, they simultanously rotate horizontally around the central axis.

Sorcho in North Pole bldg. German Carousel - Surf Ave. Thompson ride - variation of Old Mill opposite W.

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The autos moving at 5 MPH would barely miss each other as they crossed. The cross-over mechanism didn't work properly and there were often rear end iwland.

Reynolds, the inventor overhauled the ride repeatedly, but eventually gave up. It operated in an enclosed space x feet.

Coney island model 1895 carbine

Note: Listed in independent section since not mentioned 8195 Luna Park. Cited for encroaching on public beach in Was it shortened?? Sea Beach Coaster - m on Bowery?? Since there is a complete list of known coasters elsewhere on this site, I can only asume it is another name for a known coaster?? House of Laughs - m on Surf Ave Gadabout - ? The Big Dipper - L.

Coney island - rides & shows list

Hubert's Museum - m on Boardwalk then moved to Surf Ave ading Luna Park in Caterpillar - m train of two-seated cars on a circular undulating track - had a manually operated canopy which made it a popular ride for necking couples. When all canopies were closed - looked like a rapidly moving caterpillar - on Bowery Skooter - m on Bowery Mooney's Kiddie Playground - located on W.

Coney island model 1895 carbine

Thompson ride Battle of Marne - m cyclorama 50 ft high by ft circumfrence Mother Gooseland - m L. Thompson ride - dark ride?? Tornado - roller coaster built by Thompson Co.

Burned in fire. Coney Island Velodrome - bicycle and motorcycle races - located between B.

Coney island model 1895 carbine

Dusky dummies represented Hawaiian natives. Built by George Moran. Ride of Death -???

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Moby Dick the Whale -??? Swooper - - W. Hurricane - m by Gooding Amusement Co.

Coney island model 1895 carbine

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