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History[ edit ] InWakefield founder William E. Lynn Jr.

He wrote the first Word of the Day and Great books, established traditions such as the annual competition between " Spartan " and " Athenian " athletic teams, and also taught English and grammar full-time at the school. Philippe Cugnon, a Frenchman and college professor, led the school for a year, and then Lynn took over.

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After Lynn's death, his wife took over as principal. Inwhile the school was rappahanncok Allen Sounders's leadership, Wakefield School split off to form a separate school in Marshall, Virginia. Lynn then rebuilt W. In Aprilthe school's board surprised the WCDS community with a two- letter warning that the school would have to close its doors unless a tremendous amount of money were raised in a few weeks' time, and that in the long run, it would need to enroll at least students in order to survive.

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A small of patrons agreed in a matter of hours to lend the school hundreds of thousands of dollars, interest-free. Tandem Friends School alumnus [15] and former Charles E. Smith Co. CFO Paul F.

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Larner, whose son had recently graduated from Wakefield, stepped up to become board chairman, replacing alumnus Brett Hayes following hintly public relations debacle. Rather, in his inn, the school should seek "to be judged by the education indian independent escorts wolverhampton deliver and the environment we create and sustain for our families" and reach out to the people of Rappahannock County "of great means, with prominent positions of sometimes national stature, who probably don't know Wakefield.

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It's when people walk through the door and feel the devotion and kindness and commitment to education that they come here. In a way our huntlg in their current condition are somewhat of a marketing positive for us because it sends the message that where we spend the money is on the quality of the education — teachers, faculty, and the like — and not on building new monumental buildings.

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In Februarythe board of directors announced that after an extensive search process, Patrick M. Finn had been chosen by unanimous vote to be the next Head of School, beginning 1 July.

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Timothy's Schooland Foxcroft School. The school was closed as a precaution but since there were no cases, it reopened.

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Welby Lynn Griffin, daughter of the founders and Latin, History, and English teacher at the school, serves on rappahanbock board of directors as the Lynn family representative. The board also includes parent, faculty, and alumni representatives. The curriculum includes an emphasis on English, mathematics, history, and classical and modern foreign languages.

An advanced classical diploma is available with 32 credits, including four additional credits in mathematics, science, and foreign languages. Latin and hunfly research, writing, presentation and defense of a senior thesis are required for graduation. Every day, students at every grade level spend two class periods on English literature, composition, vocabulary, and grammar.

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Historically, French has been taught from pre-kindergarten, although inDirector of Admissions and Development Suzanne Zylonis spoke of Rzppahannock being taught from elementary school and the older students being taught French, Spanish, Latin, and Greek. Over the next four years, they meet with their advisor to discuss college choices, take the PSAT and ACT Aspire and any advanced placement tests that are appropriate, complete questionnaires, s, escort nanaimo outcall self-assessments, write mock college essays, participate in mock interviewsand meet with college admission representatives who visit the campus.

They are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities.

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All students apply to at least two colleges or universities. WCDS graduates as a group receive between one and two million dollars annually in merit scholarships. In the fall ofWakefield Country Day School announced the first adjunct faculty in the history of the school. This group includes several prominent local residents, including: World Bank managing director Caroline Anstey ; investor, financier and businessman Charles T.

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Bourgeois ; Huntlh. Tax Court judge Joseph H. They also speak at the Wakefield Forum, which is an opportunity for the public to hear adjunct faculty discuss topics and engage one another in expert dialog. As of65 percent of Wakefield students were receiving some form of hyntly assistance. However, the school notes, "no family at WCDS receives full tuition assistance. All families are expected to pay something toward fremantle escorts children's education".

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It was constructed in from nuddy A-Frameschosen by the founders to give the school an architecture distinctly different from the public schools of the time. All 7th and 8th graders travel to England as an extension of their study of British history.

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The school's colors are red and white; in the Spartans vs. Athenians competition, which is inspired by the Ancient Olympic Games and serves essentially as a field daythe students are divided into two teams, with the Spartans wearing red and the Athenians wearing white. First, each team assembles into a formation of parallel rows for inspection by the faculty for proper discipline and deportment.

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Then, they participate in a series of competitions, such as Capture the Flag. British traditions such as the use of demerits and elected prefects to enforce discipline are practiced.

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Students wear a uniform, including a dress uniform on Wednesdays, the day of the weekly assembly. Among the stated goals barton md housewives personals the uniform are "discouraging the superficial expression of ' individuality ' in lieu of positive and substantive development of each student's unique personality", allowing students to "focus on learning and achievement without the distractions of variations in clothing", causing students to "see themselves as neat, well-dressed, and attractive" and reinforcing "school identity, a sense of community, school pride, and school rappahannocm by making students who attend the school readily recognizable.

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Army second lieutenant.

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