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Streetwalkers After reviewing legalized prostitution in Pensacola, the tour stops at the grave of Pensacola's most infamous madam, Mollie McCoy, where tradition is that those who touch her tombstone will have a better love life.

After photos at Mollie's grave, the tour proceeds downtown and eventually into Brownsville, which is one of the sites where prostitutes can be found. There are lots of stories of wayward women gone bad. Some are humorous.

Some are not. Full of lots of interviews, Go Retro "keeps it real" by offering the most detailed look of the evolution of the world's oldest profession here.

Prostitutes in pensacola

Its fun comparing the old pictures on the movie to the current locations. I learned some things I had never considered before.

Prostitutes in pensacola

Thankfully we didn't pick any up and bring them home with us. The bus was comfortable and having a chance to get out and see up close one of the spots talked about added to the experience.

Prostitutes in pensacola

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