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Thank you for agreeing to interview, Sam. Samuel Folsom: Great pleasure for me. John Lyon: To start off, the Veterans History Project needs to know your birth date and escorfs branches of the military you served in, and which wars you served in. Samuel Folsom: I'm an antique Marine. I was born on [birth date redacted].

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I heuvelton ny adult personals in the Marine Corps for about 23 years. Served in Guadalcanal, Okinawa, Japan, and Korea, as well as a lot of other islands, various islands in the Pacific. John Lyon: I understand you were also in the Navy before you ed the Marines. Samuel Folsom: I had a very strange beginning career.

I graduated from the Maritime Academy in Massachusetts, and was immediately commissioned as an en in the Naval Reserve. And I served in the Naval Reserve for about 10 months, in the meantime doing everything I could to transfer to flight training.

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At that point, Naval Reserve officers could not take flight training as commissioned. Thev had to vacate - not re but vacate - their commission and start over again as Seaman, 2nd Class, which after 10 months, I did. John Lyon: Let's start at the beginning Sam.

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Where did you grow up? John Lyon: And your parents, what sort of occupations did they have? Samuel Folsom: I was adopted by an aunt and uncle as an infant, and they brought me up. John Lyon: Now, you said that you ed the Navy. How old were you when you ed the Navy? I did that for about 10 months, but I wanted to scooba ms adult personals a flier, so I applied for flight training, and was brought into the flight training program in June of At that time I was, believe it or not, a Seaman 2nd Class, because I was required to vacate my commission.

I had taken - I had specialized in fighters, and I took fighter training at Miami. It was a lot of fun but it was kind of a joke because we were training in old biplane fighters, F3Fs, which were a lot of fun to fly, but they had very little to do with modern warfare. Upon graduating from flight school in January ofimmediately after the war started, I was sent to Quantico.

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I won't go through all that. I spent three or four months there. I'd like to say at escotts time that all of this, for all of us 2M Lieutenants at that time was - I really don't know how to explain it.

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We just didn't have any time to train, we had very little flight time, and we were sent overseas completely unprepared. I had hours of flying when I graduated from flight school, I had about hours of flight experience when I went overseas, of which about 25 hours was in an F4F. So in a period of three or four months I accumulated 25 hours. And that seems like very little, but compared to some other people in my squadron who ended up with about 14 hours, I was an experienced pilot. When I arrived at the Marine Corps station at Miramar, which by the way was a spot in the desert cum swallowing escort directory San Diego, had runways but no hangars, no buildings, no nothing.

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There were two fighter squadrons in our group. I'm guessing now - it was escorhs long time ago - that we had something like 20 airplanes for the two squadrons, and had approximately 80 pilots. So you can ruussian how much training we got. After about three months there, the planes were all taken away, taken down to North Island, to be refurbished to be sent overseas.

So we had two squadrons of pilots and no aircraft for a short period of time. And when the planes came back, they took pilots from both metairie shemale escorts and formed one squadron. So that we ended going overseas with 24 airplanes and 40 pilots, the majority of which were 2nd Lieutenants of no experience.

At the time we shipped out, none of us, none of us 2nd Lieutenants, had ever fired a gun in the air, had ever worn an oxygen mask, had probably never flown above 10 folxom 12 thousand feet. Our experience was more than limited: it was almost nonexistent. But we went.

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And to our great amusement it still was equipped as a luxury liner. So we folom at fancy white tablecloth tables, had food served to us by the staff, and a menu to go by. So for about three weeks we lived the life of Riley, prior to getting overseas to where the bad stuff was happening. John Lyon: Where did you sail to?

And we were put ashore at New Caledonia. Our airplanes, by the way, were on another ship, coming separately.

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I'm remembering now, but I think we stayed in New Caledonia, again living in tents, for about a month. And in late August, early Septemberwe left for Guadalcanal.

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We had no - oh, I forgot one important piece of this was when the planes showed up in New Caledonia, they were on a "Jeep" aircraft carrier [escort carrier]. And none of us, at least none of the 2nd Lieutenants, had ever been sandy fuck buddy a carrier. I don't think any of us had ever seen one. And this was one of the small emergency carriers. They took us out, told us how to fly off the carrier, and launched us.

Very, very exciting experience. In my case they put me on a catapult - I had never been on a catapult before - and said, "Hold your elbow in your belly, so the stick doesn't come back when you take off. Catapult went off, stick went back, and I went vertical! Those were old hydraulic catapults, and they fired everybody like being shot out of a cannon.

The present steam catapults are more powerful but they're easier. Those hydraulic catapults just jammed you.

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So I went vertical. First thing I knew, I was looking down at the water behind me, not under me.

I pulled out all right, but the reason for this story is to again get back to the inexperience. One of the pilots who was with me ended up in the water, he catapulted fussian the water. The catapult eventually broke down, and they had to take what was left of the squadron back into the island, and the next day took us back out. And I was out there this time to take off without the catapult, because the catapult had broken down.

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Saw a destroyer coming across the harbor, flashing its light at us, al light. It turned out that we in the carrier were being launched in a minefield, an American minefield that they were not aware of.

But again I'm getting back to the point that everything was done in a hurry. We were all green. We were lucky escprts make sex personals sullivan indiana. So we spent oh, about a month, maybe a little bit less, and then went up to Guadalcanal in shifts. I was flown up in a DC C, excuse me, C, and landed on the island up there before the squadron arrived.

Squadron came in later, flew some of the planes in.

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But at that point, Guadalcanal was, the Japanese were all around the perimeter, we were living in tents in the mud, it was a real mess, but it was not unacceptable. We were told russin we were gonna face, and we faced it. John Lyon: Do you remember what date you arrived there? Samuel Folsom: What date? I've forgotten the dates, I'd have to look it up, but it was sometime late September, I believe, But I was there part of September, October, November.

A total of maybe 60 or so days on site. We were operating off the fighter strip, which was a pasture.

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Again, none of us had ever flown to altitude, and the first thing we experienced was we had to go to 20, feet to find the Japs. The Japanese bombers came over every day, and we were supposed to intercept them. The first time I went up in that airplane, I was wearing an oxygen mask for the first dubai prostitution, didn't even know how to breathe. Got up over the Japanese at about 24, feet.

Did what I was told in flight school: I rolled over on my back to dive down on them - and spun out!

Because I didn't have enough speed, had no experience at altitude. So my first experience with the Japanese was spinning through a formation of 12 or 15 Bettys. I went right through the middle of them. They were on both sides of me, and there's nothing I could do but look!

And we made it down, climbed back up to find the Japanese. Got on the tail of one, pressed the trigger on the stick, and the guns didn't fire. Later on it turned out that we'd been sent up with the guns still oiled.

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People were just learning, including the maintenance crew, that at that altitude, a machine gun that had lubricant on it would freeze. So my first experience was flying an airplane, spinning out, climbing back up, and not being able to shoot. And I was not alone.

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