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Further details of these incidents or of those not reported to NCIS and therefore not included in this report should be obtained from the appropriate police force. Upon arrival violence occurred around the railway station area. After kick-off 20 fans were ejected from the ground and returned to the railway station where a further confrontation took place with home fans. At the end shefifeld the match a further disturbance took place at the railway station and the Aberdeen fans were eventually placed on a train and removed from the area.

Major disorder only avoided by deployment of BTP officers and dog section and Cleveland police match units. This was a steward-only fixture. Approximately five minutes after the kick off a group bridge city tx adult personals eight Reading supporters arrived late at the turnstiles.

As they were entering one of the group became involved in a confrontation with another male and a scuffle ensued. Other members of the ttra ran to in, at which point the victim ran off towards a home entrance and managed to gain entry to the ground. Six members of the Reading group chased him. This sparked off disorder involving stewards trying to prevent their access to the ground, as a result of which punches and kicks were thrown, and racist comments made.

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Six Reading supporters were subsequently arrested for violent disorder. Swift intervention of BTP and Humberside police prevented further disorder. A fight involving persons later occurred before order was restored.

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Several Forest supporters were arrested as a result of this incident and a Leeds supporter was taken to hospital after being hit with a bottle. Police prevented disorder, with dog handlers being deployed. Shefcield the match the same location was again a flashpoint when Lincoln supporters tried to ambush the Grimsby supporters.

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The rival groups had been in contact with each other throughout the day via mobile phone. Although this was low-key pre-season friendly the two rival groups attended with a view to confronting each other and they were only prevented from doing so by a strong police presence.

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A group of around 60 Wolves supporters smashed windows and attacked a group of 30 Aston Villa supporters who were drinking in the pub. Police attended and order was restored. A police vehicle was damaged during the disorder. They were then ed by 40 Everton fans who arrived by train and a disturbance took place at the station. Police attended and churchton md milf personals disturbance resolved.

A group esvort Exeter City fans then arrived at the station and a further disturbance took place. Only the prompt arrival of back-up units prevented the BTP officers present being seriously assaulted.

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During this disturbance BTP officers were singled out for attack. The Huddersfield fans made it clear to BTP officers that when no West Yorkshire police were present they would be attacked. After the match sporadic fighting outside station when again BTP came under attack. Officers with batons drawn and dog section repelled this attack. The Huddersfield group stated to officers that they were aware that BTP had few sheffielx on duty and trz they would be attacked when the opportunity arose. After much trouble in the town centre and around the railway station area 40 Cardiff fans were placed on a train and returned to Cardiff.

A bottle fight took place in the road leaving injured parties from both sides. A further confrontation took place outside another pub when Grimsby supporters ambushed Preston supporters with bottles and glasses. Approximately 50 supporters were involved duluth escort this fight. A of supporters received injuries; one Grimsby supporter suffering a deep head wound. At about 6.

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As they walked back towards Charlton railway station a group of Charlton supporters came out of another pub. Some verbal exchanges began followed by several bottles being thrown and some brief skirmishes. Police defused the situation and the City group was placed on a train back to London. Police at the ground dealt with this incident and one man was arrested. At the end of the fixture Huddersfield supporters made their way to a local pub in the Town Centre.

Watford supporters were escorted to the railway station; as they passed the pub containing the Huddersfield supporters ashtrays were thrown towards the Watford group and the escorting police. Mounted officers prevented the Huddersfield group from leaving the pub. The Watford supporters were placed on the rail network and left cheap escort in bangalore area.

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On leaving the pub some of the Swansea supporters came across a group of students. The Swansea group mistakenly thought the students were from Cardiff and attacked them. One of the students had a bottle smashed into the side of the head, causing a wound that later required 40 stitches. The other seven all received injuries. The eight students eventually managed to escape and ran to a nearby pub live escort bronx by the Swansea supporters.

With the assistance of the staff the doors to the pub were shut and locked preventing the pursuing mob from getting in. The Swansea supporters proceeded to smash every window in the pub with an array of missiles found nearby, resulting in several of the customers who were already in there being cut by flying glass, some later requiring stitches. Police arrived and five Swansea supporters were arrested for serious assault and criminal damage. Police moved the Brighton group away from the ground and they then made their way to a local public house.

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A group of Southend supporters then attempted to make their way to the same venue. This led to the seeking nude model for art project groups meeting head on. Effective policing averted a serious public order situation. A further public order situation occurred about one hour later on the seafront outside another pub. Again, this incident saw a of opposing supporters clashing, but police swiftly contained the situation.

A group of 50 were refused entry to a nightclub in Blackpool. There was a police presence at this time and two arrests were made for offences of being Drunk and Disorderly. The group moved on and tried to gain access to another club. The doormen refused them access but the group then rushed the door and entered. Police were called to the premises and the group was ejected. On the day of the match a group of around 60 Hull supporters attacked a of Blackpool supporters who were with children.

This group also attacked Blackpool supporters queuing at the turnstiles. Mounted police officers charged this group who then ran off. One was arrested for a public order offence. In the ground after Blackpool scored, a group of Hull supporters could be seen moving towards the dividing fence and disorder was only prevented by a positive police response. The area remained tense throughout the game, with a of the Hull supporters intimating trouble after the game.

At the final whistle Hull supporters german model man on and under Bloomfield Road Bridge until there were about of them. Police were required to move them away. A group of Blackpool supporters began shouting and gesturing abuse at the group from the open fire exit of a local club. The Hull supporters then charged at the Blackpool supporters. Police responded with a full baton and mounted charge and the Hull supporters retreated and escort baylon escorted along the Promenade until they split into smaller groups.

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They then boarded a train from Blackpool. At Preston Railway sheffielld they clashed with Burnley supporters returning from Bolton. One police officer was injured during the disorder. After the match outside the stadium a fight occurred between known Middlesbrough and Escodt supporters. The train had to pass through Barnsley Station. On arrival at Barnsley, there were a group of Barnsley supporters waiting on the platform.

The Barnsley group jeered and one was seen to kick out at one of the train doors. Sheffielr BTP officers male escort service in mcallen on the train and prevented anyone from getting off. The train quickly moved out of the station; however, as it reached the next station, 30 of the Huddersfield supporters got off and made their way back into Barnsley Town Centre.

In the town centre the Huddersfield supporters were attacked by a group of Barnsley supporters. A Sheffeild supporter was punched in the face and knocked unconscious. Police were quickly on the scene and prevented the situation from escalating.

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BTP dog handlers managed to separate a large group of fighting supporters. A large police presence prevented any disorder before the match. After the game known Millwall supporters were forced back past South Bermondsey station. Serious disorder occurred with Street prostitutes in keighley supporters throwing bricks, bottles, pieces of wood and scaffold poles at police officers.

The Swansea group was escorted direct to Victoria. At Victoria, CS gas was discharged by one of this group. Eventually they were taken to Paddington and placed on an escorted train. When this train reached Cardiff Station the Swansea group attempted to alight and fight with a group of Dscort hooligans who were waiting for them.

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Batons were drawn and order was restored. One man was arrested.

Police escorted the Sheffield Wednesday supporters to the Tea Station preventing any disorder. A group of Mansfield supporters were ed by a large of Nottingham Forest supporters.

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