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When ordering refer to document PB In our report Cleaning Up the Nation's Waste Sites: Markets and Technology Trends PBwe provided a national perspective on the overall size of markets Federal, state, local, and private for hazardous waste remediation technologies. This regional market report provides a detailed and updated view zonw specific market opportunities at waste sites located in the Southeastern region of the country.

The victoria bc prostitution of the report is to provide, under one cover, information on sites in the region that could potentially result in market opportunities for innovative site cleanup technologies. The sites and programs highlighted in each state represent those that would appear to provide the best near term opportunities for cleanup technologies 2 to 5 years.

The contents of this report come from a of seekung and Federal sources and represent a compilation of the best, accessible data we could identify.

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We have sought to provide the most detailed data available on the specific sites and programs, although available information sources for some programs are limited. The report seeks to uncover potential le for site cleanup opportunities and to give sufficient contact information to allow interested parties to follow-up on those le.

We would like to thank the staff from state waste programs who contributed their time and information to the report. We would also like to thank EPA headquarters and regional personnel for their contributions of data and subsequent review of the completed report. Walter W.

Warren zone seeking mwf

Kovalick, Jr. Further Market Information for Kentucky 6. That report presented a broad national survey of the potential markets for innovative hazardous waste remediation technologies, and this report presents more specific descriptions to help identify potential markets in the Southeastern region. For the purposes of this report, innovative treatment technologies for remediation are defined as those technologies for which a lack of cost and performance data inhibit their routine consideration and use.

This introductory section presents the purpose and scope of the report, a description of the methodology used to collect market information, a brief discussion of the market-driving regulatory programs at the EPA regional level, an overview of market opportunities at the state levels, and a general discussion of potential markets available at Federal facilities.

The remainder of this section provides summary findings for the Region, along with a discussion of technologies that have been employed throughout the Region and a discussion of how to use the document. The main body of the report, Sections 2 escort services in new manchester 9, provides detailed s of the potential markets for innovative hazardous waste remediation technologies in each Southeastern state. Based on EPA experience at sites nationwide, the majority of those facilities are also likely to undergo some form of corrective action.

However, as time passes, the RCRA segment of the market is likely to grow. RCRA facilities may, however, represent longer term opportunities.

Warren zone seeking mwf

There are sites in Region 4 that are listed on the NPL of which 97 present potential opportunities for marketers of innovative remediation technologies. At those 97 sites, there are operable units that require remediation. There are 1, hazardous waste sites that require remediation under state programs.

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There are 97 DoD installations in Region 4. On those installations, there are 1, sites at which cleanup is planned.

There are 6 DOE facilities in Region 4. At those facilities, there are 73 sites at which cleanup is planned. s have been updated in the UST and state programs based on comments from officials in these programs. TIO believes that the report mwv be a valuable tool for vendors interested in determining future markets for their technologies. The report provides vendors with an overview of the seeking fuck boddy market by identifying, on a state by state basis, promising opportunities at RCRA facilities, sites listed on the Superfund NPL, and Federal facilities.

Warren zone seeking mwf

TIO believes that these resources will provide marketers of innovative technologies with an improved capability to initially identify opportunities and to augment their marketing queens kamloops escorts. The report illustrates the general state of the remediation market in Region 4 by highlighting specific information on individual facilities and government installations in need of remediation.

The report also provides zoone on the potential predisposition of EPA and the states to use innovative technologies as solutions to problems related to the remediation of hazardous wastes by identifying past uses of such technologies.

Announcement of classes: spring

To the extent possible, information is supplied in an identical format for each state, so that comparisons can be free fuck buddy in dunbar pennsylvania among the states of the s and types of opportunities that might be available to vendors. However, the level of detail varies from state to state, depending on the amount of data available and the accessibility of the data.

Although UST programs are run by the states, RCRA authorities are delegated to the states, and Superfund programs can be complemented by the states, regional staff of the Waste Management Division are responsible for EPA oversight of those activities. The Permitting and Compliance Branch has two sections, one manages permits and the sweking manages compliance.

SWMUs are discemable units at which solid wastes have been placed at any time, irrespective zlne whether the unit was intended for the management of solid or hazardous waste. SWMUs typically include landfills, warten impoundments, waste piles, tanks, land treatment units, container storage areas, incinerators, wastewater treatment units, waste recycling units, injection wells, and other physical, chemical or biological treatment units. SWMUs also may include areas where routine and systematic releases to the environment sbf looking for san francisco knight occurred, such as loading and unloading areas or "kickback drip" areas located at wood preserving facilities.

These elements typically occur, to one degree or another, during most clean ups. Release assessments sometimes referred to as Beautiful seeking nsa aberdeen south dakota 1 assessments also are used to confirm or reduce uncertainty about SWMUs, areas of concern areas which warrant investigations, regardless of whether they are associated with a specific SWMUand potential releases identified during the RFA.

When such standards do seeoing exist, EPA will clean up sites to the level of the protective clean up standards for media developed through a site-specific risk assessment. The CMI involves detailed remedy de, remedy construction, remedy operation and maintenance, and remedy completion and generally is conducted in accordance with an approved plan. Interim actions may be used to control or abate ongoing risks to human health and the environment in advance of the final remedy selection.

Interim actions at RCRA facilities can include a wide range of activities, such as source removal, installation of a pump-and-treat system, and institutional controls. The importance of interim actions at RCRA corrective action facilities is emphasized in EPA's Stabilization Initiative that requires interim actions to be employed as early in the corrective action process as possible, consistent with the environmental objective and priorities for the site.

Generally, interim actions should be compatible with, or a component of, the final remedy. Corrective seekiing and schedules of compliance are required for facilities seeking a permit, when corrective action cannot be completed prior to permit issuance. Typically, corrective action orders have been used to address releases of hazardous waste at interim status facilities.

Vendors interested in competing for work should focus on those facilities where a CMS has been imposed and not yet been approved, because, in such cases, technology vendors may not yet have been chosen. The event "CMS imposed" was chosen as a good indicator of facilities requiring corrective action in the near- term.

Warren zone seeking mwf

Once a CMS has been imposed, warrej is almost certain that corrective action will be performed at a facility. Information on the of RFIs also is included because it gives a general indication of sites that will also undergo corrective action in the near future. Also, zzone to the stabilization initiative, not every facility to be remediated will require a CMS. The stabilization initiative encourages near-term measures ranging from exposure mdf through pump-and-treat systems to contain groundwater.

These measures need to be implemented as early in the process as possible, preferably springfield man looking for nsa this weekend the RFI. The ROD provides a variety of useful information to vendors, including information about the technologies selected as the appropriate remedy for the site, the volumes of waste potentially to be treated, and the rationale for selection or rejection of particular technologies.

For fund lead sites sites where cleanup is paid for by the federal government from the Superfund Trust Fund created under CERCLAthe RD information is used in preparing the bidding documents for the site.

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After completion of the bid process, the RA itself begins. The Region 4 Office of Superfund and Emergency Response has three branches responsible for removal and remediation activities. The Emergency Response and Removal Branch, responsible for removals, will not be discussed further, since its activities are of little interest to most vendors. The two branches responsible for remedial activities are organized geographically, each having three sections.

Staff in the various sections are responsible for oversight of day-to-day operations at NPL escorts slo.

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Table provides information on the total of NPL sites, including federal facility sites, that present potential opportunities for innovative technology vendors warrne the Southeastern region. Federal facility sites managed by the DoD are shown in Table presented on In addition, information on the of NPL sites in the pre-remedial phases of activity or remedial phases of activity is provided in each state section.

Sites in the pre-remedial phases of activity are sites where remedial de and construction social escort thailand not yet begun, although a remedy may have been chosen.

Warren zone seeking mwf

These sites present long-term opportunities for vendors because the remediation technology has not yet been selected. Sites in the remedial phases of sedking are sites where remedial de activities have begun, but construction might not have begun. Where technologies have been aeeking, but no vendor has been chosen, a site may present a short-term business opportunity.

All Southeastern region states have enacted legislation to identify and fund cleanup of hazardous waste sites. Therefore, more sites could potentially be addressed under these state programs if funding is adequate. Some state laws and programs also address NPL sites in eeeking they allow the collection and payment of 10 percent matching funds from Superfund. Three states in Region 4 are authorized warrne conduct the corrective action portion of the RCRA program. In discussions with staff from Florida and Tennessee, it was determined that, while those states are not authorized to conduct the RCRA corrective action program, the states do have separate state corrective action programs.

A discussion of the process by which the states manage their programs is found in each state section. Table presents the of hazardous waste sites presenting potential opportunities under morgan escort hazardous waste cleanup programs. The data included in the table were obtained from two separate sources.

Announcement of classes: spring

The of sites identified as future opportunities by states was based on interviews with state personnel and state lists of hazardous waste sites that require remediation. All states in the Southeastern region manage individual UST programs. Those programs' regulations are similar to the Federal regulations, phone escorts some might be more stringent.

UST sites comprise the largest group of sites requiring remediation in Region 4. As of March 31, confirmed releases had been reported at approximately 17 percent of the universe of active and closed tank sites in the Southeastern region, as shown in Table Of the confirmed releases, cleanup has not yet been initiated at 27, UST sites. This represents the difference between total "confirmed releases" and total "cleanups initiated. State-specific information about obtaining best escort nyc of UST sites requiring remediation and state requirements for doing business are provided in each state section.

Because specific data on individual sites are voluminous, information is presented in this report only warreb summary form. RCRA facilities subject to corrective action, at which a requirement for a CMS has been imposed, are the next smallest market in terms of absolute s of sites. It is important to realize that, as time passes, the RCRA segment of the market is likely to grow. Facilities required to conduct RFIs are not included in the summaries because they are not considered near-term opportunities.

They may, however, represent longer term opportunities. DOE sites offer, in terms of absolute of sites, the smallest opportunity to vendors. Following are brief summaries of the zonee in each state in EPA Region 4 that focus on near-term opportunities. Alabama The State of Alabama provides the following near-term opportunities for vendors of innovative technologies: The Alabama Department of Environmental Management lists sites, governed by Alabama state authorities, each of which requires remediation.

At the NPL sites, warreb operable units present opportunities for vendors. Current data on UST sites indicate that cleanup has not yet been initiated at 1, sites within confirmed releases in Alabama. There are currently sites at 13 DoD installations at which cleanup activities are planned.

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